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In its nearly two decades of operation, Bridge House has helped hundreds of individuals embrace a clean and sober life based on responsibility, respect and decency.

Here is what several former residents say about how Bridge House made a difference in their lives:

Meditation Area
Meditation Area Lychee tree orchard
Lychee tree orchard

“Aloha, to put it simply going to Bridge House was like playing my life (which resembled a country western song) backwards.  I got my wife, job, health, life, dignity self respect and uncountable other blessings back in my life.  Without Bridge House I would be dead, instead I have a wonderful life.  Mahalo (thank you) Bridge House for all you have done, you will have my eternal gratitude.”   - Paul N., Jr.

"Being at Bridge House gave me the opportunity to change my providing me with a sober support group of people, helping me find a sponsor and get to meetings, and finally get back with my family.  I rediscovered the spiritual path I lost."– Brannon G.

“The Bridge House gave me sobriety and recovery. I also have gained back the responsibility to grow and move forward with a positive outlook on life.  I am living a more healthier and respectful life, and to have respect for myself and also to have respect for others.  Bridge House gave me the skills to communicate with an open mind, the willingness and the honesty to speak out freely.”  - U.